Lectures on Generation Y, Z & Alpha

Get inspired and learn about the newest trends in attraction and recruitment marketing of Generation Y, Z, & Alpha – all lectures are backed by data from CompanYoung’s Knowledge Hub.

All lectures are held by our Insights Team Leader, Rasmus Lindgaard

Generation Y, Z & Alpha

Generation Y, Z & Alpha

How do today’s youth think, and what about? What makes an impression on them, and how do they interact with each other, educational institutes and businesses?

No more than a decade ago, the world looked completely different than it does today. Technological advances have resulted in a higher degree of exposure, globalisation and more opportunity. This lecture focuses primarily on how the technological development of the present and the future impact the next generation’s thought processes and habits.

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The  next generation’s thoughts on career & education

Making a choice – career & education

How does the next generation approach decision making when it comes to jobs or education? What are they looking for? And what characterises today’s youth?

CompanYoung lectures on how to educate and inspire employees on how and what today’s youth thinks about a career or education.

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Youth management

Youth Management

How does today’s youth work? How do they view their employer? And what should one keep in mind as a company that wishes to attract young, talented workers? 

This lecture will educate and inspire businesses and their employees on how the next generation views the work market, their jobs and their relationships to both colleagues and employers .

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