750 Units of Horsepower

Attracting Trainees
The history

Volvo Group Trucks in Denmark is continuously looking for truck mechanics apprentices and trade students.

Both educations provide access to a job market with a minimal amount of unemployment and many internal opportunities within the group. Volvo is a workplace with a high focus on employee satisfaction as well as the development of its employees.

However, Volvo needed some help to get their message sold. In 2015 Volvo initiated a collaboration with CompanYoung, which most recently resulted in the campaigns ‘Become a truck mechanic at Volvo’, and ‘Become a commercial student at Volvo’.

In this context, both marketing and graphic design were rethought. Thus, CompanYoung used Volvo’s already existing images and material, however, it was rebranded with an increased focus on the target group.

‘Strength’ became the central theme in the campaigns. The target group was now given a challenge with phrasing such as ‘high pace’, ‘can you?’, and ‘750 units of horsepower’.
The new material is regularly distributed on social media where the target group is located.

In particular, the campaign addressed to potential commercial students created a response among the young applicants. In fact, Volvo got so many qualified applicants that they to remove the advertisement prematurely.

We began a collaboration with CompanYoung in order to become more visible to our target group for a longer period of time. We were so enthusiastic since we had found a young company that really understood our target group. That understanding is apparent in all the material produced.

We are greeted by open and happy people at CompanYoung who never fail to provide excellent service. They are good at continuous observation as well as ensuring that everything is finalised. Furthermore, they are great at detecting possible mistakes and should mistakes happen, they are in a hurry to fix them.”

We are very satisfied with our partnership with CompanYoung.
– Christel Herdrup, HR Consultant at Volvo.